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Wild Eyes

—Dark Rooms

Chelsea Wolfe and Ben Chisholm’s side project

Wild Eyes

—Damir Doma

Chelsea Wolfe and Ben Chisholm’s side project

Anonymous asked: what's your favorite Chelsea Wolfe album?

Mine? I can’t really say, I love them all. I’d probably go for Live at Roadburn if that counts. That Movie Screen and Halfsleeper versions are just epic.

Anonymous asked: Hi, I have noticed that RadioK's Youtube channel released this recent Chelsea's performance: watch?v=ifuzKbzPR1A. I'm just letting you know in case you'd like to share it on your page. Goodbye, thank you for your work.

Thank you very much, it’s already in my queue xx

Happy Birthday to Ben Chisholm aka @RevelatorBC


Today is Ben’s birthday and for all of us over here that’s a really big deal!  I don’t know what I would do with out this Revelator in my life. He not only plays in Chelsea Wolfe’s band he also produced and recorded the new acoustic album for her entitled Unknown Rooms: A Collection of Acoustic Songs and it just bowled me over what an amazing job he did. Having Ben and Chelsea in our family has been one of the best additions to my life in ages. You are a great friend and a fine photographer of Jimi. Love you so much Ben and on this day me and the whole house wishes you a BIG HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  XO/CP/Sh

Happy Bithday, Ben!

Anonymous asked: Hi! Did you select which questions to ask Chelsea yet?

yes, and gonna send them off now :)

Anonymous asked: Please can you tag your asks- I'd like to go through them all at some point! Thanks c:

Sure, usually do that, gonna tag the ones I forgot

Anonymous asked: do you happen to know if Chelsea has ever been to Greece?

No, she didn’t. But there is an awesome Greek fanpage on facebook, in case you didn’t know.

Anonymous asked: ok, this is a weird question but does anybody know if Chelsea has a personal facebook? im asking because I found a page that could possibly be hers, not sure though.

She does have a personal facebook but is using a different name. If you see it you’ll know it’s her, so if you’re not sure it’s probably not her. Anyway, doesn’t matter because it’s private, let’s respect her privacy please :)

Thanks for all the great questions, we’ll see what happens I guess x

hairbyadrian - Chelsea Wolfe ready for European tour | solid look with a soft touch | semi-permanent dark brown + 3 shades extensions

Tonight, the gathering includes in-house producer Chris Common, new signee Emma Ruth Rundle, Wolfe and her bandmate and co-producer Ben Chisholm. Wolfe and Chisholm chat about their recent video shoot with director Mark Pellington […], before Wolfe ducks into the studio to sing on Rundle’s upcoming album.

from LA Weekly

second wtf moment of the day - Chelsea Wolfe and Emma Ruth Rundle recorded something together??!!